Practices, tools, and tips for the smart business traveler

Stop Stressing (Part II)

Bizness Traveler Mindfulness

Part I of Stop Stressing dealt with simple techniques you BIZness Travelers can utilize at home or on the road to reduce the stress levels in your lives. Now, we begin dealing with stress prevention strategies; we will examine ways of eliminating likely…


Stop Stressing! (Part I)

Charles Dickens, in his masterwork, A Tale of Two Cities, wrote in eighteenth-century France, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” The same can be said of the present day. Never before has technology enabled the disbursement of…


If You’re a Business Traveler, You’ve Got to Be Packin’!

If you travel for business, then you are very familiar with this topic: packing. Packing for a trip is one of those necessary tasks for the road warrior that can span the range from fun to frenetic. Consider it a science – demanding…


A Solid Productivity Tool for the BIZness Traveler

Microsoft Surface 3 Review – A Road Warrior’s Productivity Tool Product: Microsoft Surface 3, Surface 3 Type Cover, and Pen Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon or EBay Dimensions: 10.5 x 7.4 x .3 inches Color: Silver Guarantee: 1 Year Limited Warranty My Rating: 9.5 out of 10…


Stuck in an Airport…Now What?

I’m sure many of you frequent fliers, and particularly those of you who have had to make a connection from one flight to another, have found yourselves at one time or another inconveniently waylaid at an airport. Being stuck at an airport for…


How to Beat Jet Lag

You BIZness travelers who have ever jumped bunches of time zones going from point A to point B know a little bit about this topic… JET LAG! A debilitating physical and mental phenomenon that can cause feelings of indigestion, haziness, insomnia, irritability, along…


The Pros and Cons of Having a Travel Agent

IF you read my discussion in The Business Travelers’ Dilemma, you know that making one’s business trip ROI is the primary concern of every smart BIZness traveler. I show how there are many things that must be accomplished for this to happen. One of…


The Business Travelers’ Dilemma

OK, we know BIZness travel is the elixir of life to most businesses. But it must be well planned and executed to reap the returns hoped for… otherwise that elixir could become poisonous. Having travelled on business for more than thirty years, I…


A Seasoned Road Warrior’s Best Business Travel Luggage Recommendation

The Bizness Traveler is always looking for ways to make his or her trip a more efficient experience, stay connected, and enhance one’s productivity. This week I want to talk about a more efficient experience. The right selection of the travel tool of…